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Yuwanda Black, Publisher/Webmaster

I created this page to help visitors like you find information on this site. I did so because I receive a lot of inquiries from new and experienced freelance writers.

Unfortunately, with my workload, I'm unable to respond personally to many of them. This is frustrating at times because the answer is here, buried on the site. How do I know? Because the bulk of the content here was written by me, but I don't have time to stop, locate the specific page and send it to the inquirer. So, this is the next best thing. 

Following is what you need to do to find information on InkwellEditorial.com. If you have a question about freelance writing -- eg, rates, SEO writing, proposals, queries, marketing, contracts, etc. -- search this site.

With well over 300 pages of content -- and growing weekly -- you're sure to find an article or two (and probably more) in answer to your question. 

How to Find Information on This Site

1) From any page on the site, go to the Google Search box. If you can't find it on any given page, go to the home page. It's at the bottom of the page.

2) Type a keyword phrase into the box there. Make sure "InkwellEditorial.com" is checked, NOT "Web".

For example, if you wanted to know what the acronym "SEO" stood for, you would type "SEO" into the box. 

3) Click "Search".

A list of pages will pop up. Be sure to cursor down and click on articles listed below the title bar that will read something like:

Web Results 1 - 10 of about ?? from inkwelleditorial.com for "???". 

FYI, some articles will be directly relevant; others will be peripherally so. But you'll have the complete library of what's on the site related to the topic you're interested in. 

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