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The section offers advice on marketing your freelance services. Most of the advice is free and/or low-cost and easy to implement.

Be sure to visit our career center for advice, tips and strategies on advancing your editorial/creative career. Please Note: When you click on some articles, they will appear in a different window. 

General Marketing Advice, Tips, Strategies & Tools

FAQs: Starting A Freelance Editorial/Creative Business

Business Plan for Freelance Copy Editors (can be revised for editors, proofreaders, etc.)

What/How to Charge: Click here to access various articles from around the web on what/how to charge as an editorial freelancer.

Freelance Agreements/Contracts
Sample: Freelance Writing Contract

**Sample: Web Design & Maintenance Agreement
Sample: Graphic Design Contract

**Sample: General Independent Contractor's Agreement

Small Business Articles: Think, "How can I use this info to improve my chances of succeeding as a freelancer?" as you read. For, it's the small bits of information from various sources that, when implemented, make the difference between success or failure.

How to Use Off-Peak Times to Increase Sales

Why FAQ/Customer Service Pages Increase Sales

How to Price Your Product/Service for Maximum Profit

From Small Potatoes to Big Cahuna!: 3 Specific Things You Can Do Now to Jumpstart Sales

Gut Check! 3 Signs It's Time to Quit Your Full-time Job for Your Freelance Business

Why Looking for "The Big Score" Can Put You Out of Business

How to Attract Clients with Ease

3 Ways to Tell if You're Playing At, or Serious About, Your Freelance Business

A Realistic Day in the Life of a Freelancer/Small Business Owner

The Angry, Frustrated Freelancer: How to Survive the Bad Days

5 Good Reasons to Start a Freelance Business in a Weak Economy

How to Make Your Child -- and Possibly Yourself -- a Millionaire

The True Cost of Procrastination -- Can You Really Afford It?

How to Choose a Business That's Right for You

Why Diversity is Good for Business ... A Priest, A Cowboy & a Socialite ...

Is Online or Offline Advertising More Effective?

How to Increase Your Income Month After Month After Month

How to Market Your Freelance Writing Business Professionally

How to Grow Your Freelance Business Using Press Releases

Go Direct: How to Secure Clients Quickly & Affordably (Pt. 1 of 2)

Go Direct: How to Secure Clients Quickly & Affordably (Pt. 2 of 2)

How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan

How to Recover Your "Almost Customers": Don't Overlook Prospects You've Already Attracted

Should You Write a Book to Increase Sales?

How to Use Public Speaking to Attract Clients

Print Your Marketing Postcards For A Penny

How To Get Slightly Famous in Print

The Real Goal of All Marketing

Make a List & Check it Twice: End-of-Year Do's for Freelancers

Tax Advice for Freelancers: Don't Wait for Tax Time to Look at the Bottom Line

Inspiration: 6 Years Without a Day Off Making It Work Because You Have To

Inspiration: Let Freedom Ring! Cashing the Check of Entrepreneurship

Inspiration: The Race to Success

Marketing on the Web: Site Design, Web Sales, Etc.

How to Get Customers to Respond to Your E-Campaign

8 Ways to Promote Your Writing Online: Jam-Packed w/ Info on Setting up a Proper Writing Site, Promoting via Newsgroups & More!

Cheap, Easy Thrills: Effective Website Marketing Ideas that Work

5 Easy Steps to Getting Your Business On the Web Quickly & Affordably

3 Things You Can Do TODAY to Make Your Website More Profitable

The Truth About Running an Internet Biz: Solutions to Common Online Biz Problems

Save Time & Money: Market Your Book Online to a Targeted Group

How to Increase Your Website Writing Sales (Part 1)

How to Increase Your Website Writing Sales (Part 2)

FYI: Access our Article Bank for many more articles on every facet of the creative and editorial industries: marketing, e-books & more!


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