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Freelancing Internationally: 
What's It Like to Work Abroad and/or with International Clients
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What's this section all about? To give editorial and creative professionals an idea of what it's like to work with international clients, how to get international gigs, what the pay is like, etc.

All profiles are original, first-hand accounts. We hope you find this information useful in determining whether you'd like to expand your client base beyond your own borders! Hasta luego, ciao and adieu!

Published Accounts
Freelancing Writing for a Client in Hong Kong

Freelancing Writing for a Spanish Magazine

Freelancing Writing from the Caribbean to the United Kingdom

Freelance Content Development & Editing: From Iceland to Seattle and Back Again

Freelance Writer & Editor: Content Development for  Global Television Distributor


Y. Black, Publisher

Guidelines for Contributing:
Are you a U.S.-based creative professional (writer, editor, graphic designer, translator, etc.) who has an international client base? Perhaps you’re in Des Moines and regularly receive assignments from a company in Barcelona or London.

We want to hear from you! What do we want to know? Such particulars as:

What was the assignment (writing, building a website, translating, etc.)?

How you got the assignment (sent a resume, fax, email; made a call; recommended by a friend; referred by a client, etc.)?  

Did a time difference affect your work?  

Was there a language barrier? If so, did it hinder the project in any way? How did you work around it?

Did you have problems getting paid?  

Has this led to more work?  

Did it pay better, worst, or about the same as a U.S.-based gig? 

Were there any unforeseen challenges that others should know about if they choose this type of work? 

Overall, was it a good or bad experience?

What we look for: Humor, insight and little-known facts that will make the reader come away with a firm grasp of what working with clients abroad is really like.

Please Note: We look for detailed specifics. If an account is too brief, too general in nature, too lacking in specifics and/or doesn’t address all questions listed above, we will usually decline to publish that submission.

Length: Can be as in-depth as you like (the more detailed, the better).

Resource Box: Feel free to include a generous resource box advertising your product/service at the end of the submission. Also, feel free to include one photo and your website URL.

Rights: We ask for first, exclusive rights for 90 days. Must be original; no reprints please.

Pay: $25 – if we publish your submission. We pay via PayPal, so you must be able to accept payment via this method. We pay on the day we publish and respond to all entries within one week, even if we decline to publish it.

Copyright Notice: All copyrights belong to the author. As such, accounts may not be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, in any form, for any reason, without the express, written consent of the author. Violators will be prosecuted.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher

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