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The Best, Worst, Most Lucrative and/or Oddest Freelance Job I Ever Had
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What's this section all about? Entertainment!

Just for fun, we asked editorial and creative professionals to tell us what was the best, worst, most lucrative and/or oddest freelance job they ever had.

Their tales are insightful, funny and downright odd. Enjoy!

Published Accounts
The Worst Job I Ever Had: Stuffed in a Locker, Giving Needles to Toddlers & More!

The Best Job I Ever Had: Nervous breakdowns, queens on couches, selling my soul for great sex and more!

The Oddest Freelance Job I Ever Had: The Virtual World of MMORPGs

Y. Black, Publisher
Our goal with this series is to simply entertain and inform; so, if you have a few minutes, tell us about the best, worst and/or oddest job you ever had before you started freelancing.

Also, just for kicks, we'd like to know the most money you ever made for one freelance assignment (must be an editorial/creative gig).

What we look for: Humor, insight and little-known facts that will make the reader laugh, cry, or say, "wow!"

Length: Can be as in-depth as you like (should be at least 400 words).

Resource Box: Feel free to include a generous resource box advertising your product/service at the end of the submission.

Payment: $5 if we publish your submission. We pay on the day we publish and respond to all entries within one week, even if we decline to publish it.

Submit all accounts to bestandworst [at] InkwellEditorial.com.

Pay: $25 if we publish your submission. We pay via PayPal, so you must be able to accept payment via this method. We pay on the day we publish and respond to all entries within one week, even if we decline to publish it.

Copyright Notice: All copyrights belong to the author. As such, accounts may not be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, in any form, for any reason, without the express, written consent of the author. Violators will be prosecuted.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher

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